SST-4500 / Ultra Sonic Fiber & Molecular Orientation Tester

Manufactuerd by NOMURA SHOJI

SST-4500 is a fiber/molecular orientation measuring equipment based on ultrasonic technique Since starting to sell in 1983, SST series has been turned over 400 or more sets in the paper and the film manufacture industry in the world and has obtained high evaluation as a measuring instrument of the quality control.
Fiber/Molecular Orientation affects the greatly curl, the twist, the size modification and the mechanical strength, and determines the quality of paper. This is an important factor.
SST-4500 makes it possible to manufacture the high quality paper and film.



  • Orientation measurement of Tensile Stiffness (fiber/molecule)
  • Stable measurement technology with plenty of experience
    * High robust measurement by ultrasonic
    * Stable high precision measurement by ultrasonic
    * High-speed measurement by multi- ultrasonic sensors
  • Fusion of a personal computer and a measuring instrument
    * User-friendly man machine interface
    * Visually screen display / report
    * Facile data storage/ data processing
    * Facile measurement data analysis by store-bought S/W (Excel etc.)
  • Automatic profile measurement of Long sample with a FD-1 Feeding Device (option )
  • Ease of maintenance

Ultrasonic pulse transmits in a paper or film sheet of density “ρ “with speed “C” for a fixed length “L” in a certain time “T”. Then Young’s modulus “E” can be described by the following formula.

SST measures T in msec or C in Km/sec by 11.25 degree interval for 360 degree, calculates fiber (molecular) orientation/ cross-length ratio/ peak values (max and min)/ tensile stiffness index, and presents graphical and numerical results as below.


cut sheet measurement

profile measurement result