Manufactuerd by NOMURA SHOJI

FMT-4 is an easy-to-operate formation tester for paper and nonwovens based on the image analysis.

A sample sheet is placed on the sample stage illuminated from below, the CMOS camera captures its image with 1350 x 1012 pixels and measures light intensity by each pixel, PC converts them into transmittance in % and optical density (OD), and then various data are calculated.

The tester enables you to analyze your products precisely with various data. Most important among them is so called “Formation Index”, which is calculated as “coefficient of variation” in OD.

Thanks to excellent correlation with visual evaluation, the tester is most suitable for routine measurement at manufacturing site testing room for numerical quality control, as well as for research purpose.

  • Excellent correlation between the formation index and visual evaluation.
  • Valuable various analyzed data as stated below.
  • Simple operation and fast measurement within a few seconds for complete analyzed results.
  • Adjustable measuring area, max. 240 mm x 180 mm, min. 50 mm x 40 mm or even smaller.


Operation is simple. All measuring parameters can be setup in a screen window, and stored with specification No.
Measurement is done by selecting specification No, inserting a sample sheet and pushing the test button. Analyzed data described below appear within a few second on the PC screen.

  • formation data, as formation index, floc size indices , aver. transmittance, standard deviation of OD.
  • black/white binary image for analyzing formation pattern(floc shape, size, distribution) as per 1.
  • false color image for 3D analyze with pixel percent of each color group as per 2.
  • 3D-graph, OD histogram, numerical result table, etc.

Main screen of measurement results

Measurement specification setting screen